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Our Philosophy

The guiding philosophy behind Hawridge Developments Limited (HDL) is to provide prestigious residential environments for those wanting to build their dream home in a beautifully detailed community and development.

We endeavour to provide value added neighbourhoods, interactive open spaces and innovative layouts.

Since inception in 1988 HDL has consistently set the benchmark in regards to environmentally sustainable property development in Papamoa.

We believe the high quality delivered ensures people will have value wherever they build their dream home within our developments, this is achieved by extensive planning, high quality homes, beautifully landscaped and streetscaped areas with specially designed waterways and reserves.

Land is a scarce resource that we are obligated to use wisely and effectively.

We provide prestigious environments for you to build your dream home.

We care for and enhance the natural environment through high quality comprehensive designs.

Set apart by outstanding concept and design.

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Papamoa is a thriving community along one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches. Here day-to-day living is relaxed and laid back, flooded with sunshine and within earshot of the sound of the sea.

Papamoa is situated in the Tauranga district of the Bay of Plenty region, Papamoa is the largest suburb of the city of Tauranga on the northeastern coast of the North Island, New Zealand. Papamoa has 16km of white sandy beach and is renowned for its fishing, surfing and the Papamoa Hills cultural heritage park. Once a small provincial community, Papamoa has a population of approximately 20,000, and now represents a regional growth centre. This holds it in place as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing provincial nodes.

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Our Developments

Our Developments – Set apart by outstanding concept and design Hawridge Developments takes expectation to the next level. We create superior, integrated developments which give soul to the community.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

(Stages 8 onwards - Current)

Palm Springs Stages 8 onwards is a prestigious residential Development in Papamoa as a continuation of the existing Palm Springs for those wanting to... Read More

Palm springs

Palm springs

(Stages 1-7)

Palm Springs Stages 1-7 is a beautifully designed and landscaped residential development set against the backdrop of the Papamoa Hills and close to... Read More

Royal Palm Beach Estate

Royal Palm Beach Estate


A residential development set over 108 hectares, Royal Palm Beach Estate is situated along Papamoa’s coastal strip containing prestigious beachfront... Read More

Palm Beach Plaza

Palm Beach Plaza


A Mediterranean architecturally inspired shopping complex set over 6.9 hectares to facilitate Papamoa’s urban expansion situated adjacent to Royal... Read More

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